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Hi I am Samu Gumbie

I am a stay at home mum running businesses online

I am an Accountant by profession but I chose to be a stay home mom to raise my kids. While at home I discovered the World of the Internet and I decided to embark on the journey. I must say that It has been a fruitful journey because I now have a income to supplement our home and also to give my kids what they want. 

What People Say

My wife has always had a heart for business. When she embarked on her Internet journey I knew she will make a success. Today we are proud of what she is doing, giving other women hope. Solomon Gumbie

I met Samu on the internet when she reached out to me. I could see that this is a Mom who means business and as a Internet coach, I quickly took her under wings to mentor her. Kudakwashe S. Tshuma​

I have known Samu for 17 years now. She has always dreamt of a brighter future. She always maintains that good planning will ensure better days ahead. She is not one to sit n mourn or cast down for long, she manages to rise from the ashes like the Phoenix n spread her wings. She is a strategist. She is like a Ray of sunshine in the midst of a bitter cold. Samu is an accountant by profession, she is a mum, when life gave her lemons, she made lemonade, she was down for a moment but arose as a Mompreneur She’s a definition of a proverbs 31 woman. She sees opportunity and embraces it.

I don’t remember the first day I met Samu, but I have no doubt in my mind that day was God ordained.  He knew that this was the friend I needed to have in my life, a strong support system, reliable, grounded woman. I’m not a person who trusts easily, so it’s very difficult for me to really open up and be  vulnerable. In life you need someone you can be vulnerable, be silly, be yourself around. She gets me, always wants the best for me even when I don’t want it for myself. She’s one person I know has my back no matter what, she’ll tell me the truth when I need to hear it. Have never seen someone as hardworking as she is, as patient and consistent. To me she’s more than a friend,  she’s my sister. We’ve grown together, from Girls, to Wives, to Mum’s. I know God has so much more instore for us, and the possibilities are so exciting, can’t wait to see what He has planned for us.    SANE

My name is Keneilwe Juba.I have known Samu Gumbie from high school. Ever smiling lady and a woman who fears God. She is such an inspiration into my life, a mum preneur who is well balanced in the welfare of her family and her business. She is a proverbs 31 woman. Jack of all trades. I can now put food on the table for my family through the inspiration that I got from her. Samu is a woman who loves people and is charging lives everyday. Big up Mumprenuer. A woman on a mission. Keneilwe

Samu Gumbie is an astute ,aspiring, hardworking ,honest and trust worthy business woman. I have known her  from way back when she was in the Shoe business. Being a total stranger she was and the distance between us she could have taken advantage of me but she never did instead she delivered my merchandise all the way from South Africa to Zimbabwe not only in order but in time.

Samu taught me that in order to be a successful business woman you have to have discipline, respect your customers and be trustworthy. She has impacted my life in so many ways! Samu has groomed me to be a better  business lady that I am today. I used to be lazy would just stock and  expected customers to reach me all the time  but she has turned all that around. I have learnt to move out of my comfort zone, reach out to my customers and communicate with them all the time. She encouraged me all the time when I  felt I  could not take the heat anymore. Today I am a proud Boutique owner Its all thanks to her for steering me to the right way and teaching me good business ethics. Samu has also taught me how to balance being a mom, career woman and business lady all in one.  How awesome is it!

On top of this, her faith has also helped me to grow spiritually. She always says in everything that you do you need God and prayer is key .I have learnt to pray and ask God to intervene in my business and its working. Thank you Samu for giving me such a gift that no other human being can give.

Samu is that person who takes the bull by its horns, she let go of her full time  job and followed her dreams of  being a Mompreneur. Her business is growing and is comfortably providing for her family. I appreciate Samu for all the good teachings that  brought out the best in my life.

I have known Samu for not so long but I feel I have known her forever. We met through a business group that I formed to assist each other as women. Instead I got to learn more from Samu, she showed me the courage and confidence, I never had when it came to marketing. Her experience and knowledge combined with the one on one she had with me, taught me to believe in myself and to go out there and claim my destiny. Now I am proud to say because of what she did for me, I am doing just that each and every step I take. Thank you Samu, for the role you played in my life as a business partner and as a true friend. I would recommend anyone who wants to be a Mompreneur or entrepreneur to work with her, she is hardworking, passionate and dedicated to help others better their lives too

I met Samu G through a women in business forum. From the moment we met her energy was one of a very light person. She is full of life and one of the strongest women I know. Despite the challenges she faces she is always determined to achieve her goals not only for herself but for her family as well. She always has a word of encouragement for others and her smile lights up the room and instantly lifts up the spirit of those she encounters. She’s an astute business women and always tries new ways to reinvent herself and grow as a Mompreneur

“Great thoughts speak only to the thoughtful mind, but great actions speak to all
mankind.” – Emily P. Bissell

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